Monday, January 31, 2011


I thought it would be fun and cute to make my some super hero capes for my nephew ( who just turned 2) and my son ( who will be turning two on April fools day!). These turned out SO cute!! The batman one I did using a fleece blanket.... won't be doing that again because the fleece was to stretchy for me to add Velcro to the closure. BUT, it still works to just tie it and is still adorable! The one I made for Ben was made out of some red felt I had been given. The felt symbol is really blue and yellow but the camera wouldn't pick up the blue unfortunately. I haven't given him his yet of course so I don't have pics with it on him, but took some to show you anyways, here they are! These will be up on my custom order page soon!

close up so you can see the yellow. The yellow is felt and the black is fleece, THAT was hard, but it worked out:)

And here's my nephew wearing it! Hard to keep a 2 year old still!!!

This one will be Ben's. I really love how this turned out!

Here is how I meant to do the first one, it has a Velcro closure:)

SUPERMAN!!! Ben got this nickname from always doing the perfect superman stretch after he wakes up!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Getting the webisight more organized:)

OK, so now I have some of the new items I have been making up on the right pages! Most pages have an newly added item I have recently made. This way they can be seen for those who are interested in ordering. I'm still figuring out this website thing, so if you see something that needs help/work, please let me know! God bless

I made this earlier this year. It is made out of T-shirt yarn! You can find the tutorial on my other blog sight HERE. I actually meant to make a small rug ( FAIL :) but actually found out a great way to make a bowl!! LOL Just PULL on the "yarn" while you sew it into a circle and wallah!