Friday, December 31, 2010

Gifts for my Step Daughter!

Ok, so I have been holding these back for awhile just in case she took a look at the web sight. I was finally able to give them to her the other day so I can reveal them to you!!!
She mentioned that she really liked pink and black zebra stripes!!! WELL, once you mention you like something to me, IT'S ON!!! LOL I made her this purse, actually out of a WAY WAY WAY to short skirt she gave me to do something with awhile back! I used doubled up fur ribbon for the strap, sheer ribboned I gathered at the bottom for the ruffle and a zebra striped bandanna lining on the inside. I also made her one of my clutches to carry with it!! I REALLY love this!! I WANT ONE!! LOL
To top it off, I made her a cute yet sad little stuffed animal out of hot pink and purple felt. This little guy has different size eyes, a sad frown and the word FAIL written on it. Now, I just new that with her slightly warped since of humer she would dig this:) Apparently it's one of the teenage sayings "fail", or "Epic fail", because I never stop hearing it from her!!! SO, I figured she would get a kick out of this little kitty critter:)
What do y'all think?
Here is the purse and clutch. I didn't get a good picture of the liner but it's fully lined and has a velcro closure in the middle.

The kitty is peeking out!

And her is the sad little fail cat! I just love this warped little guy!!

Daddy sewed up the back because we all know I HATE hand sewing....oh so lazy I am....

Close up...he grows on ya, really!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gifts for my mom:)

Mom got a brand new wallet and a gardening apron this year! Take a look!


I made a TON of these for Christmas orders this year. All different patterns and these include Velcro closures on the inside! FUN!

New BANDANNA purses!

The three new bandanna purses came out so cute! I like how the white handle one came out too! Remember, these are made with one bandanna and milk jug handles! Recycling rocks!

Indoor Frisbee and Large marble maze SET!

This was my first larger Marble Maze. I really like the way it came out. I the Frisbee really turned out nice! These will be fun on a trip!

More fun tic tac toe games!

I got to make 5 more tic tac toe games this Christmas. I especially like the princess and camo one! These seem to be a hit!

Capri Sun Coin Purses!

These were a fun little project! Just perfect for the kiddos to use with there purses!

Hand painted Bootie Aprons

I got six orders for these this Christmas. Three roses, a sunflower, and one with Banana's a strawberries! These were fun to make and I really like how they turned out! Enjoy!

Custom Aprons for three fantastic kids!

These were made for my friends three kids. All custom to there favorite colors and likings:) I hope they enjoyed them on Christmas Morning! Sorry for the not-so-great pictuers!

Earings and Necklaces

My girls having been wanting earrings for so long. We don't do ear piercings in our family till there 18 and make that decision on there own...SO, that was a long wait for them! :) We had found some pretty hideous looking clip-ons from time to time, but finally I found that I could buy the blanks for the clip-ons and make them there own that fit there style better! They were VERY happy to finally have some of there own! Plus, I made them these cute little glass necklaces with a large glass beads and scrapbook paper! Then I took some card stock and made a gift of it!

Arm Warmers!

These arm wamers were made for my daughters! They really seem to like them!

Here come the pictures of the Christmas Orders!

The wait is up! Here are some pictures of some Custom Orders I did for Christmas. Also included will be some things that I made for my family. It has been such a blessing to do all these gifts and Orders. I hope you like them! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New fun with coke cans!

This one came to me the other day when a aunt of mine sent the girls some cute knit hats with some big flowers on the side. I had also , a few weeks ago, got them cute matching headband and clip-on large flowers for there stockings. I started thinking, cause I can finally get back in creative new things mode, what about coke cans!!! When you cut can's curvy, they really aren't sharp, promise!!! SO, I used a large stencil for the big flower, a small punch for the small flower and a cute little gem for the middle. What do you think??? I think these will have to go up for sale soon. I just added them to my Jewelry page! What's your favorite soda???